Carol TANG

National Neuroscience Institute

Dr Tang received her PhD in Macromolecular and Cellular Structure and Chemistry (MCSC) from The Scripps Research Institute, USA and subsequently undertook postdoctoral training at the Howard Florey Institute and Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. She co-leads the NNI neuro-oncology research effort with A/Prof Beng Ti Ang, a neurosurgeon and Head of Neurosurgery, NNI (SGH campus). The team demonstrated molecular subtype switching underlying treatment resistance and established patient stratification methodologies aimed at serial monitoring of the patient’s disease progression. Together with multi-disciplinary investigators from NTU (SBS), Duke-NUS (CSCB), NUS Biomedical Engineering and A*STAR, the team was awarded the Translational and Clinical Research Program in 2016, and most recently the Large Collaborative Grant in 2021. As part of its clinical translation goal, induction into the GBM AGILE trial consortium allows researchers the opportunity to integrate into existing global trials through contribution of novel stratification methodologies.