University of Chicago

Dr. Gajewski directs the Melanoma Oncology Clinic and leads the Immunology and Cancer Program of the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center.  The focus of his work is on understanding fundamental aspects of anti-tumor immunity and advancing these concepts into clinical studies in patients.  His group defined the T cell-inflamed/non-T cell-inflamed tumor microenvironment phenotypes, and contributed to targeting negative regulatory pathways as a therapeutic.  Studies of innate immune pathways have led to STING agonist development, currently in clinical testing.  Genomic characterization of non-T cell-inflamed tumors has revealed oncogene pathways that mediate T cell exclusion, including the Wnt/b-catenin pathway.  Recent work has also identified germline polymorphisms and a role for the commensal microbiota in immunotherapy efficacy, suggesting additional novel ways to facilitate improved outcomes.  Dr. Gajewski received the William B. Coley Award, the ESMO award in Immuno-oncology, and was inducted into the American Association of Physicians.  He is scientific co-founder of Jounce Therapeutics and Pyxis Oncology.