Instructions for Online Payment

  1. Please leave your browser open after making payment until you get to see the payment receipt. Do not use BACK or RELOAD/REFRESH browser functions or CLOSE browser while using the service until the payment receipt or the Error page is displayed.

  2. For payment method Direct Debit via internet banking, browsers supported are Mozilla Firefox ,Safari and Chrome. Please disable pop-up blocker.

  3. For payment method Credit/Debit Card (VISA/Mastercard), a one-time password (OTP) would be required to authenticate the cardholder’s identity. You will be redirected to a page to enter the OTP (which is issued by the card issuing bank to the cardholder by SMS or token) before payment can be completed. For cards issued outside Singapore, authentication or the issue of OTP may vary.

  4. Please click here to view the scheduled maintenance schedule for the month.