Duke-NUS Medical School

David Epstein is currently Associate Dean of Research for Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, and is a faculty member in the Cancer & Stem Cell Biology Program where his research focuses on activation of oncogenic alternative splicing networks and targets.  David is Director of Duke-NUS’s Centre for Technology & Development (CTeD), the aim of which is to advance healthcare through commercialization of Singapore-derived biomedical innovation.

Over the past 20 years David has served as a biopharma discovery and translational science leader and executive, through which he has progressed seven novel agents in to clinical development in diverse disease areas including cardiovascular, retinal degeneration and oncology.   David has successfully led small and large R&D teams in academic, virtual, start-up, mid-size and global large-pharma settings.  Prior to joining Duke-NUS, David was the Chief Scientific Officer at OSI Pharmaceuticals.  He is a founder of an oncology precision medicine company – ASET Therapeutics in New York; he co-founded Archemix – an aptamer therapeutics company with several agents in late-stage clinical development.