Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. James DeCaprio is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts USA. He is a practicing medical oncologist and directs a laboratory that focuses on the discovery of fundamental biological processes that when perturbed by DNA tumor viruses or mutations contribute to cancer. His strategy has been to identify cellular factors that bind specifically to viral oncoproteins and determine their normal function and the biologic and biochemical consequences that occur when they become mutated or perturbed by viruses. As part of this effort to discover cellular factors that bind to viral oncogenes, his laboratory discovered the mammalian DREAM (DP, RB-related, E2F, and MuvB) complex and determined that DREAM serves as the master coordinator of cell cycle-dependent gene expression. In addition, his laboratory studies the contribution of Merkel cell polyomavirus to the highly aggressive skin cancer Merkel cell carcinoma. He is focused on identifying cellular pathways perturbed in Merkel cell carcinoma that could represent opportunities for targeted therapy.