11th Hope Meeting with Nobel Laureates Inspires CSI PhD Student

Organized by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the 11th Hope Meeting with Nobel Laureates was held in Okinawa, Japan from 4-8 March 2019. Shreya Kar, Presidents’ Scholar PhD student from Dr. Alan Prem Kumar’s group, was privileged to be selected to attend this meeting.

At the Hope Meetings each year, outstanding graduate students are selected from countries and areas in the Asia-Pacific and Africa to converge for a time of dynamic discussions and the opportunity to learn from a lineup of distinguished Nobel Laureates. The annual symposium aims to foster the next generation of researchers and enhance their research capabilities.


Clockwise from top left – 1. Professor Takaaki Kajita, 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics 2. Professor Tim Hunt, 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 3. Professor Aaron Ciechanover, 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 4. Professor Ben L. Feringa, 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Over the course of 5 days, Shreya had the opportunity to attend scientific dialogues with eminent scientists and engage in interdisciplinary discussions with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Apart from the scientific lineup, Shreya was also treated to a cultural program, where she forged meaningful friendships with peers from the region when they stayed together in the same lodging over the course of the symposium.

Notably, the group discussions were a unique experience for Shreya, who benefitted greatly from the dialogues with the Nobel Laureates. Professor Aaron Ciechanover, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004 for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation, spoke about advances in science over the past decade as well as the possible scientific breakthroughs in future. Through these dialogues, Shreya learnt about world-leading and groundbreaking contributions by the Nobel Laureates, which had left her inspired and motivated.

Overall, the wide scientific perspectives gained, as well as the international networks built, made Shreya’s experience at the 11th Hope Meeting an honourable and memorable one.


Shreya Kar, Presidents’ Scholar PhD student from Dr. Alan Prem Kumar’s group at the 11th Hope Meeting held in Okinawa, Japan from 4 – 8 Mar 2019.