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Make a Contribution

Make a Contribution

At CSI Singapore, our researchers are driven by one core motivation – to embark on critical, life-saving research aimed at changing the course of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the near future.

Past contributions have gone towards supporting the Translational Exchange (TREX) Club. The TREX Club is a joint initiative between the CSI Singapore and the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) at National University Hospital (NUH) to facilitate the development of collaborative projects. The TREX Club provides a platform where clinicians and basic scientists can have open dialogues on clinical/scientific questions, and encourages greater understanding between clinicians and basic researchers to achieve their research goals in a collaborative fashion.

Key Research Initiatives

Proteomics Profiling as a Data-Driven Diagnostic Tool in Gastric Cancer

TREX Club CSI Scientist: Dennis Kappei

TREX Club NCIS Clinician: Wei Peng Yong

Tumour-Specific Theme: Gastro-intestinal / Hepatobiliary

Investigating the Potential Role that the SNP, rs189773 Plays in BIP-associated Inflammation in order to Limit Use of Bleomycin Before BIP Occurs

TREX Club CSI Scientist: Yvonne Tay

TREX Club NCIS Clinician: Michelle Poon

Tumour-Specific Theme: Haematology

Unique Approach of Combining Design Peptides or Small Molecules with a Signal to Prevent Interaction Between EDD1 Enzyme and TIP60, a Cellular Protein

TREX Club CSI Scientist: Sudhakar Jha

TREX Club NCIS Clinician: Natalie Ngoi

Tumour-Specific Theme: Breast / Gynaecological / Genitourinary

Ways to Give

Your gift to us will accelerate our abilities to continue this vital work. Big or small, contributions will be carefully invested in important areas such as clinical trials, research technologies, and graduate program to help shape the next generation of innovative cancer research.

With your funding support, CSI Singapore will serve as a conduit to bring hope to the lives of cancer patients.

For further information, please contact CSI Singapore at csi_singapore[at]

CanCycle 2023 is a cyclethon fundraiser, jointly organised by CSI Singapore, NCIS and N2CR, to raise funds and awareness for cancer research work done in the lab that will ultimately translate to better care and treatment for cancer patients. 100% of the proceeds will go towards CSI Singapore, NCIS and N2CR Cancer Research Fund for the purpose of life-saving cancer research, to support technological advancements and efficacious treatments with less side effects.

Ways to Give