Team CSI Joins the Race to Save Lives and Advocate Cancer Cause!

The Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) saw an overwhelming turnout of 4,066 participants and 192 teams covering a total distance of more than 86,000KM. This inaugural virtual edition of RAC 2020 was a 9-day event (19th – 27th September) where participants can run anywhere in Singapore or around the world by using a GPS-enabled app. Organised by the Singapore Cancer Society, proceeds raised from RAC 2020 will support cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, cancer screenings, research, public education and cancer support group initiatives.

This year, CSI Singapore is proud to have a total of 23 staff and students representing the institute in this race to save lives and advocate cancer cause. Over a span of 1 week, our runners had the opportunity to explore and rediscover new routes around Singapore. Team CSI achieved a grand total of 390KM through a combination fo running, walking and even roller skiing!

Well done Team CSI for championing the fight against cancer!

Check out our recent social media coverage on RAC 2020 here.

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