Epigenetics in Cancer Symposium 2021

The Epigenetics in Cancer Symposium 2021 has concluded successfully! Jointly organized by the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS and the Université de Paris, the symposium drew an overwhelming turnout of 442 participants hailing from 32 countries. This inaugural symposium boasted an impressive line-up of speakers, including keynote speaker, Dr. Geneviève Almouzni from the Institut Curie, Paris. During the 3-day program, attendees had the opportunity to learn from leading cancer experts as they shared their insights on topics ranging from basic molecular biology studies, translational/clinical research to technological advances in epigenetics research. The symposium also saw the introduction of virtual ‘Meet the Speakers” sessions, where attendees were able to interact and network with speakers in small group settings despite not being in the same country!

A total of 23 participants presented their high-quality abstracts on the virtual poster presentation platform, which served as an excellent medium for discussions and exchange of scientific knowledge between poster presenters and attendees. Attendees were also kept engaged by a series of intellectually stimulating oral presentations and lightning talks, where presenters shared their research findings in an insightful and concise manner.

Despite the travel restrictions during this period, the virtual program proved to be an excellent platform not only for the global scientific community to share ideas and forge meaningful collaborations across borders but as a space for cross-cultural exchange and immersion. All in all, the Epigenetics in Cancer Symposium 2021 organizing committee would like to thank all sponsors for their valuable support in making the conference a successful one!