GBSA: A Comprehensive Software for Analysing Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Data (Nucleic Acids Res, Dec 2012)

DNA methylation is an epigenetic event essential for gene transcription regulation and generally accepted to be associated with gene repression. Aberrant DNA methylation profiles have been observed in cancers and other human diseases, highlighting the value of understanding its role in regulation of gene expression, as well as a wider range of biological and cellular

Congratulations! Dr Bhaskar Umashanka wins AACR-Aflac Incorporated Scholar-In Training Award

Congratulations to Dr Bhattacharya Bhaskar Umashanka on receiving the prestigious AACR-Aflac, Incorporated Scholar-In-Training Award from the American Association for Cancer Research. His paper was chosen for the AACR Annual Meeting 2013 to be held in Washington this April, which aims to bring together the best and latest findings in cancer research. Rated “outstanding” by the