RUNX1 meets MLL: epigenetic regulation of hematopoiesis by two leukemia genes (Leukemia, July 2013)

A broad range of human leukemias carries RUNX1 and MLL genetic alterations. Despite such widespread involvements, the relationship between RUNX1 and MLL has never been appreciated. Recently, we showed that RUNX1 physically and functionally interacts with MLL, thereby regulating the epigenetic status of critical cis-regulatory elements for hematopoietic genes. This newly unveiled interaction between the

Comprehensive genomic meta-analysis identifies intra-tumoural stroma as a predictor of survival in patients with gastric cancer (Gut, June 2013 – Editor’s Choice)

Objective Gastric adenocarcinoma (gastric cancer, GC) is a major cause of global cancer mortality. Identifying molecular programmes contributing to GC patient survival may improve our understanding of GC pathogenesis, highlight new prognostic factors and reveal novel therapeutic targets. The authors aimed to produce a comprehensive inventory of gene expression programmes expressed in primary GCs, and

A Genetic and Developmental Pathway from STAT3 to the OCT4-NANOG Circuit is Essential for Maintenance of ICM Lineages in vivo (Genes & Dev, June 2013)

Although it is known that OCT4-NANOG are required for maintenance of pluripotent cells in vitro the upstream signals that regulate this circuit during early development in vivo have not been identified. Here we demonstrate for the first time, STAT3-dependent regulation of the OCT4-NANOG circuitry necessary to maintain the pluripotent inner cell mass (ICM), the source