Increased drug resistance associated with reduced glucose levels and an enhanced glycolysis phenotype (Br J of Pharmacology, July 2014)

Drug testing in-vitro has traditionally been performed in hyperglycemic cell culture concentrations, yet many tumours and their microenvironments are hypoglycemic. Here, we tested whether reduced glucose levels can influence drug resistance and investigated underlying mechanisms. PIK3CA mutant (AGS, HGC27), and wildtype (MKN45, NUGC4) gastric cancer (GC) cells were cultured in high glucose (HG, 25mM) or low glucose (LG, 5mM)

LEO1 Is Regulated by PRL-3 and Mediates Its Oncogenic Properties in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (Cancer Res, June 2014)

PRL-3, an oncogenic dual-specificity phosphatase, is overexpressed in 50% of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and associated with poor survival. We found that stable expression of PRL-3 confers cytokine independence and growth advantage of AML cells. However, how PRL-3 mediates these functions in AML is not known. To comprehensively screen for PRL3-regulated proteins in AML, we

Casuarine Low awarded NUS’ Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize

Congratulations to Casuarine Low for receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize AY2013/14! The OURP is an annual university-wide competition to encourage research and to recognise the best undergraduate researchers in NUS. Casuarine was an attachment student at Dr Edward Chow’s lab and has just graduated from the university. Title: “Nanodiamond Drug Delivery Approach for Effective