CSI Advances in Research

The CSI-AIRs (Advances In Research) is a monthly meeting that provides a platform for CSI students and postdoctoral fellows to present their research in progress to their peers. The CSI-AIRs, held in an informal setting, have helped students and postdoctoral fellows to gain feedback from their fellow students and peers on how they can improve

Pharmacogenetics-Guided Phase I Study of Capecitabine on an Intermittent Schedule in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumours. (Sci Rep, Jun 2016)

Soo RA1,2, Syn N1,2, Lee SC1,2, Wang L1,2,3, Lim XY2, Loh M2,3, Tan SH1, Zee YK1, Wong AL1,2, Chuah B1, Chan D1, Lim SE1, Goh BC1,2,4, Soong R2,5, Yong WP1,2 1Department of Haematology-Oncology National University, Cancer Institute 1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, 119228 Singapore. 2Cancer Science Institute of Singapore National University

The Emerging Roles of Exosomes in Leukemogenesis. (Oncotarget, May 2016)

Zhou J1,2, Wang S3, Sun K4, Chng WJ1,2,5 1Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore, Centre for Translational Medicine, Singapore, Republic of Singapore. 2Department of Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Republic of Singapore. 3Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. 4Suzhou Municipal

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Cai Wanpei, PhD student from Dr Alan Kumar’s group, recently attended a lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Olivier Smithies at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Professor Smithies, together with Mario Capecchi and Sir Martin Evans, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007 for their discovery on introducing specific gene modifications into mice

CSI Principal Associate, Dr. Alan Prem Kumar, Receives Korean Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship

CSI Singapore is delighted to congratulate our Principal Associate, Dr Alan Prem Kumar for receiving the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship for his outstanding oral presentation and active participation in the Global Breast Cancer Conference 2016. This conference was held on 28 -30 April 2016 in Jeju Island, Korea. The Global Breast Cancer Conference is