2016 Best Student Publication Award

Congratulations to Huang Kie Kyon, PhD student from Prof Patrick Tan’s group, for winning the Best Student Publication Award. This competition, held internally, calls for the submission of abstracts by CSI Singapore’s graduate students. Out of all the submitted abstracts, his outstanding publication in Gut was selected by the CSI Graduate Programme Academic Committee and

A Novel Combinatorial Strategy Using Seliciclib® and Belinostat® for Eradication of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer via Apoptosis Induction and BID Activation. (Cancer Lett, Jun 2016)

Ong PS1, Wang L2, Chia DM1, Seah JY1, Kong LR3, Thuya WL3, Chinnathambi A4, Lau JA3, Wong AL5, Yong WP5, Yang D6, Ho PC1, Sethi G7, Goh BC8 1Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore, Singapore. 2Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Department of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore, Singapore. 3Cancer

High Expression of Intratumoral Stromal Proteins is Associated with Chemotherapy Resistance in Breast Cancer. (Oncotarget, Jul 2016)

Wang T1, Srivastava S1, Hartman M2,3, Buhari SA2, Chan CW2, Iau P2, Khin LW3, Wong A4, Tan SH4, Goh BC1,4, Lee SC1,4 1Cancer Science Institute, National University of Singapore. 2Department of Surgery, National University Cancer Institute, National University Health System, Singapore. 3Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore, Singapore. 4Department of

Ordering of Mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia with Partial Tandem Duplication of MLL (MLL-PTD). (Leukemia, Jul 2016)

Sun QY1, Ding LW1, Tan KT1, Chien W1, Mayakonda A1, Lin DC1,2, Loh XY1, Xiao JF1, Meggendorfer M3, Alpermann T3, Garg M1, Lim SL1, Madan V1, Hattori N1, Nagata Y4, Miyano S5,6, Yeoh AE1, Hou HA7, Jiang YY1, Takao S1, Liu LZ1, Tan SZ1, Lill M2, Hayashi M8, Kinoshita A8, Kantarjian HM9, Kornblau SM9, Ogawa

CSI Welcomes New Graduate Students

CSI Singapore warmly welcomes our newly admitted graduate students on 1st August 2016. Our Academic Year 2016/2017 batch of 18 students are a good mix of international backgrounds as they come from Singapore, Mexico, Vietnam, India and Korea. This cultural diversity of our graduate programme fosters and encourages a global exchange of ideas. During the

Genomic Instability Club

The Genomic Instability (GI) Club was started in 2013, with the focus of identifying groups interested in discovering factors that maintain our genome and how mutations or misregulations in their expressions would lead to cancer. Meeting once every quarter, the club discusses factors involved in regulating the stability of our genome. The meeting is actively

CSI Singapore Bags Multiple Awards at NCAM 2016

CSI Singapore congratulates our PhD graduate students and staff for receiving several awards during the 3rd NCIS Annual Research Meeting (NCAM) 2016. This conference, co-organised by National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) and CSI Singapore, was held on 1st July 2016 at National University Health System, Singapore. This annual meeting is a full day program