CSI Graduate Program Students’ Outing

The CSI Graduate Students Society organized an outing in October 2016 with the aims to foster closer ties among students, unwind from the hectic laboratory work and have fun. This year, the committee organized a two part event: a Trivial Pursuit Night, followed by a Resorts World Sentosa Halloween Horror Night. The Trivial Pursuit is a

EGFR kinase inhibitors and gastric acid suppressants in EGFR-mutant NSCLC: a retrospective database analysis of potential drug interaction. (Oncotarget, Nov 2016)

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Xenograft Cancer Models Facility

The Xenograft Cancer Models Facility, a research core facility in CSI Singapore established under the leadership of Dr Chan Shing Leng, maintains strains of immunocompromised mice for xenograft experiments. In this facility, the recently developed transplantable patient-derived cancer tissue xenograft (PDX) lines generated by grafting of fresh cancer tissues in immunodeficient mice (eg. NOD/SCID, NSG

Whole Genome DNA Methylation: Beyond Genes Silencing. (Oncotarget, Nov 2016)

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Mutational Landscape of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. (Cancer Res, Nov 2016)

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