Director’s Foreword

Professor Daniel G. Tenen

Director, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Distinguished Professor in Medicine, NUS

Welcome to the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore. We are a dynamic research institute encompassing basic and translational studies devoted to understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of cancer. Our institute encompasses the gamut from basic to translational studies, and is enhanced through the close co-operation of basic scientists and clinician-scientists in our institute and adjacent institutions, including the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the National University Hospital (NUH). We also work closely with the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), a clinical cancer center partner which includes our own faculty.

Since the inception of CSI, we have established two strong multidisciplinary programs, one in Cancer Stem Cells & Biology, focusing on basic studies, and a second in Experimental Therapeutics. These two programs span the spectrum from laboratory based studies in experimental models to targeted therapies in humans, utilizing the expertise from both groups. Our institute houses brand new, state-of-the-art laboratories in the Centre of Translational Medicine located within NUS directly adjacent to NUH, further facilitating the interaction between scientists and clinicians. We have further established state-of-the-art core facilities to complement these efforts.

Our mission is to be the leader among all institutions investigating cancer in Singapore. To this end we have engaged investigators from other institutions in Singapore, including the Duke-NUS Medical School, the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Genome Institute of Singapore at the Biopolis located close by. We also initiated an annual cancer conference, ‘Frontiers in Cancer Science’, which has already become an internationally known and oversubscribed meeting, offering a major platform for scientists to engage in world-class and global scientific partnerships. Our vision is to be the premier cancer institute in Asia and a world leader. As an institute focused on delivering innovative research, we are actively recruiting highly-talented scientists from all around the world. We launched the ‘CSI Special Fellows’ program, an accelerated Principal Investigator (PI) development track granting exceptional junior scientists strong research independence early in their career. One of our Special Fellows has already been conferred the prestigious NRF Fellowship Award, a highly competitive honor granted only to outstanding young scientists competing on a global level.

In addition, we have established strong programs in a number of specific disease areas, including gastric and liver cancer, as well as leukemia, and are developing special programs in RNA biology, chromatin, and DNA damage as they relate to cancer. These are only the beginning of many more exciting developments to come at CSI. We remain committed to fostering groundbreaking, novel research, and invite you to learn more about our efforts by exploring our website.