Benefits and Roles

The Cancer Science Institute of Singapore provides members with a number of centralized resources to support collaborative research. All members will receive:

  • Access to CSI Core Facilities / Shared Resources* at a preferential rate. The Core Facilities and Support Technologies are :
    • Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Facility
    • Leukemia Cell Bank
    • Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility
    • Xenograft Cancer Models Facility
    • Bioinformatics Core: Analysis, Interpretation and Integration
    • Drug Analysis and Pharmacokinetics Core (DAPC)
    • Computational Core Facility (CCF)
    • Microscope Core Facility (MCF)
    • Quantitative Proteomics Core (QPC)

For Associates, Principle Associates, Distinguished Associates:

  • Members will also receive notification of all CSI seminars and workshops, so as to gain access to collaborative links and networking opportunities with other translational cancer researchers.
  • Other valuable benefits available exclusively for Principal Associates:
    • May apply for space at CSI labs* (*provided Principal Associates do not hold space at other departments);
    • Access to Core Facilities and Shared Resources* at privileged rates (*access to Core Facilities and Shared Resources are subject to availability);
    • Access to major Core Equipment (eg. Cell Sorting Instrument, Confocal Microscopes, Next Gen Sequencing (GAIIX, Miseq), High Throughput Real-time PCR, Laser Microdissector etc.);
    • General consumables (eg. Media Preparation)

For Alumni Members:

  • Invitations to meet with CSI-sponsored Distinguished Speakers, internationally-renowned Scientists.
  • Invitations to attend selected CSI-sponsored seminars, workshops and symposiums.
  • Access to collaborative links and networking opportunities with other translational cancer researchers.
  • Opportunities for members to apply for program grants for collaborative research.


  • Support the goals and objectives of the CSI program.
  • Conduct and promote cancer research, particularly collaborative and/or interdisciplinary cancer research.
  • Support clinical care, education, training or outreach in a cancer-related discipline.


  • Actively participate in research program meetings, cancer Institute-sponsored seminars and symposia, and retreats.
  • Principle Associates may participate and serve on CSI committees.
  • Develop/ *encouraged to develop partnerships with other CSI members as measured by joint publications, joint grants, or joint research activities. (*for alumni members)
  • Listing of CSI membership on curriculum vitae and biosketch.
  • Acknowledgement of membership and Institute support on use of CSI facilities, shared resources, space, or assistance (when appropriate) in research publications, abstracts, posters, presentations, and new grant submissions.
  • Submission of research progress, other support, publications and biosketch upon request.
  • Principle Associates to support and participate in teaching assignments. May be required to teach Graduate students.
  • Members who are awarded “Principle Associates” should house their external grants at CSI.