Viewing Journal Clubs

Bioinformatics Club

The Bioinformatics Club in CSI Singapore is a journal club that has been recently set up to bring together people with expertise in both cancer research and experimental biology. This club provides a relax atmosphere to facilitate the discussion of the latest advancements in the analysis of genomic data and the practical recommendations on the

RNA Club

The RNA Club, previously known as the transcription club, was formed in January 2014 to discuss well established topics of transcriptional regulation. With the acceptance of MOE Tier 3 grant and the formation of RNA Biology Centre in June 2015, the transcription club was renamed as RNA Club with a focus on RNA Biology and

Genomic Instability Club

The Genomic Instability (GI) Club was started in 2013, with the focus of identifying groups interested in discovering factors that maintain our genome and how mutations or misregulations in their expressions would lead to cancer. Meeting once every quarter, the club discusses factors involved in regulating the stability of our genome. The meeting is actively

Chromatin Remodeling Group Club

The Chromatin Remodeling Group (CRG) Club is a monthly meeting where students and Research Fellows interact and discuss about their ongoing research related to chromatin remodeling. Previously known as “HAT-chat”, the club held its first meeting in April 2012. When it first started, only members from Dr. Sudhakar Jha’s and Prof. Daniel G. Tenen’s laboratory

CSI Advances in Research

The CSI-AIRs (Advances In Research) is a monthly meeting that provides a platform for CSI students and postdoctoral fellows to present their research in progress to their peers. The CSI-AIRs, held in an informal setting, have helped students and postdoctoral fellows to gain feedback from their fellow students and peers on how they can improve

Inaugural BOCA Pow-wow Meeting in 2016

The BOCA (Breast and Ovarian Cancers) Pow-wow sessions is among the many journal clubs that CSI Singapore organizes. It started in 2015 with the objective of promoting knowledge and camaraderie among the staff and students working on breast and ovarian cancers. The aim is to consolidate the vast array of experience from different individuals working