Creating new synergies at the Singapore Ovarian Cancer Symposium 2014


Cancer experts across Singapore converged at the Centre for Translational Medicine at NUS for the Ovarian Cancer Symposium held on 27 June. The meeting was jointly organised by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the National University Hospital, National University Cancer Institute (NCIS) and Cancer Science Institute of Singapore.

oc20142As one of the deadliest gynaecological diseases, ovarian cancer is often detected towards the advanced stage when prognosis is poor. By harnessing the expertise from leading ovarian cancer clinicians and scientists, new insights and strategies in the prevention, detection and treatment of the disease can be generated. Additional inputs from foreign experts invited from the UK, Japan and Australia, further enhance knowledge exchange by sharing cross-border data and facilitating future collaborations.

Issues discussed at the symposium included “Ovarian Biology”, “Ovarian Cancer Early Detection”, “Ovarian Cancer Management” and “Tumour Heterogeneity & Novel Therapeutics”.

“Singapore has, over the past few years, established a small but strong interdisciplinary community dedicated to ovarian cancer research. Through extensive collaborations, several research projects not only have contributed to the understanding of the initiation and progression of this disease but also have opened up new avenues to the discovery of new diagnostic tests and therapeutic options for ovarian cancer. The purpose of this symposium is to showcase these breakthroughs and to formulate new initiatives among attendees.” Said Dr Ruby Huang, Principal Associate at CSI Singapore and member of the Symposium Organising Committee.

This meeting was supported by the Lee Foundation and various commercial organisations including Janssen, Roche and Research Instruments.