CSI Open House 2015

The Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) opened its doors to about 60 tertiary students, including students from 20 high schools and current undergraduate students from NUS, at the annual CSI Open House on 23 July 2015.

Wide-eyed and brimming with curiosity, these students came with inquisitiveness, seeking to learn more about cancer research, as well as opportunities for career directions and further studies in this exciting field.

The students were welcomed by CSI Deputy Directors, Associate Professors Goh Boon Cher and Chng Wee Joo, who both expressed their enthusiasm in mentoring young talents with a keen interest in the field of biomedical research. A/Prof. Goh gave the students an overview of the Institute and the types of research that CSI does, followed by A/Prof. Chng who elaborated on the CSI Graduate Programme, which offers a PhD scholarship with attractive benefits and valuable opportunities. Our graduate students Eve Wang Chao and Lavina Tay then shared about their experiences at CSI while pursuing their PhD.

Led by our graduate students, the Open House participants were divided into smaller groups and given a tour of the labs on Level 11, which are mostly labs led by clinician-scientists. During the tour, they attended the lab presentations and were introduced to the research work done by each lab. They also had the opportunity to observe lab demonstrations and interacted with the lab representatives. The students’ rapt attention was later rewarded in an interactive quiz session, where students who provided correct answers to the tricky quiz questions were each presented with a prize.

CSI is proud to be part of the nation’s efforts in cultivating young minds towards advances in biomedical research. We hope that the CSI Open House has given these participants a clearer understanding of cancer research, and inspired them to pursue their interests in science and medicine.

Welcome to CSI Singapore!

A/Prof. Chng Wee Joo, Deputy Director of CSI Singapore, gives the students an overview of  the CSI Graduate Program.

Students were given the opportunity to watch laboratory demonstrations up close.

Quiz time for the students


Special thanks also to the CSI graduate students and L11 lab representatives:

Graduate student helpers: Eve Wang Chao, Patrick Jaynes, Chia Su Shin, Desmond Chin, Tan Ming, Zhang Yanzhou, Hong Huiqi, Jean Leong, Benjamin Huang, Nicole Yeo

Level 11 labs: Vijay Kumar Pandey, Grishma Rane, Tang Hei Mui, Teo Jun Ting, Wang Tingting, Kong Li Ren, Prasanna Vasudevan Iyengar, Wu Chan-Shuo, Ng Hong Kiat, Nur Sabrina Binte Sapari, Zul Fazreen Bin Adam Isa, Joey Lim Sze Yun