CSI staff bring Christmas joy to occupants at Ren Ci Hospital


In keeping with the Christmas season of giving, a group of CSI researchers and staff organised a fund-raising project for residents at the Nursing and Long Term Care Units of Ren Ci Hospital. The residents were presented with gift packs on 20th December 2013 and enjoyed Christmas carols by the volunteers.

At Ren Ci’s Nursing and Long Term Care Units, majority of the residents are above 60 years of age and they were either chronically ill or with permanent disability which require long-term attention and care. To help support the patients’ daily needs, the volunteers successfully raised a total of $5066.35 from the generous contributions of CSI staff and students. The funds went into purchasing various items to create gift packs for all 160 residents and a catered meal for the upcoming Chinese New Year. The gift packs contained practical items which include food products such as milk powder, cereal and soft chiffon cakes, and non-food items including towels and body lotions.

renci2Decked in festive reds and Santa hats, the volunteers delighted patients and staff alike with beautiful Christmas carols, in addition to entertaining several spontaneous song requests. Many also spent their remaining time chatting with residents, who seldom receive visitors, to learn more about their lives.

Comments from some members of the organising committee:

“It is truly gratifying and humbling to see this small act of kindness received with much gratitude and joy by the Ren Ci residents. ” – Azhar Ali

“It is really a rewarding and heart-warming experience to spread joy and laughter to the Ren Ci residents during this festive season.” – Serena Seah

“It was a delightful experience to know that I can lend a small helping hand and give a smile to those around me.” – Amelia Lau

Ren Ci Fund-raising Organizing committee

Event planners: Lim Pei Li, Serena Seah, Amy Lau, Amelia Lau and Azhar Ali

Treasurers: Wan Seow Ching and Loh Xinyi

Christmas Carolling: Wan Pei, Patrick and Joanna

Volunteers: Viknesh, Kelvin, Thuya, Rohit Surana, Gadisti Aisha, Jun Ting, Wan Pei, Linus Chan, Shika, Sayo, Adeline, Eve and Fang Cheng

Transport (delivery of items to Ren Ci): Amy Lau and Eddie Miow