About Giving


At CSI Singapore, our researchers are driven by one core motivation – to embark on critical, life-saving research aimed at changing the course of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the near future.

Our Recent Discoveries:

  • World’s first study to link RNA editing to cancer, suggesting a new therapeutic pathway in liver cancer
  • Novel discovery of RUNX3 gene in human defense mechanism against lung cancer
  • Identification of SALL4 oncogene as therapeutic target and prognostic marker for liver cancer

These discoveries are not only crucial for earlier and more accurate cancer detection – they are major stepping stones toward immunotherapies that extend patients’ lives.

Your gift to us will accelerate our abilities to continue this vital work. Big or small, contributions will be carefully invested in important areas such as clinical trials, research technologies, and graduate program to help shape the next generation of innovative cancer research.

With your funding support, CSI Singapore will serve as a conduit to bring hope to the lives of cancer patients.