Academic Program


The PhD Graduate Programs are a four-year programs which require students to fulfill both coursework and research work leading to a PhD research thesis within their five-year candidature period. Students are required to report their research progress to their Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) on a bi-annual basis. The role of the TAC is to ensure that the student’s research progress is satisfactory, and to make the appropriate recommendations to the CSI Graduate Program Academic Committee (GPAC) on whether the student is able to continue with his/her PhD candidature.

In terms of coursework, the students should ensure that their CAP is maintained at 3.6 and above at all times. A student who does not meet the requirements will have his/her candidature terminated. An appropriate warning will be issued when the CAP is below 3.6.

By the end of their second year of candidature, the students are required to sit and pass the PhD Qualifying Examination by submitting a written thesis proposal for examination. The purpose of the Qualifying Examination is to ensure that the students have acquired the necessary background knowledge for their intended research project.

For successful completion of the programme, the student must meet all of the following requirements for graduation:

  • Fulfill the coursework requirements by obtaining at least 24 MCs, including the four core modules, and achieve a CAP of at least 3.6.
  • Pass the PhD Qualifying Examination at the end of the second year of their candidature.
  • Have his/her PhD thesis accepted by a majority of examiners (including one external examiner who is an expert in the field) and to the satisfaction of the GPAC and the NUS Board of Graduate Studies.
  • Pass the final oral defense of thesis to the satisfaction of the two internal examiners and the GPAC chair or his/her nominee.