RNA Biology Scholarship


  • A monthly stipend as follows
    Before PQE After PQE
    Singapore Citizen S$2,700 and employer’s CPF contribution of 17% S$3,200 and employer’s CPF contribution of 17%
    Singapore Permanent Resident S$2,200 S$2,700
     International Student S$2,000 S$2,500
  • Tuition fees at the University.
  • Leave entitlement of up to 21 days.
  • RNA Biology scholars shall receive the additional stipend of up to $500 per month from the date of passing their PhD Qualifying Examination (QE) for a duration of maximum of 24 months or only up to the 48th month of their candidature, whichever date is the earlier. The additional stipend is renewable each semester subject to good performance.

Other allowance

  • Travel Grant for Conference (local or overseas scientific conferences)
    • Each candidate may be granted financial assistance during his/her candidature.
  • The potential maximum amount granted per candidature is S$3,000
    • For local conferences, financial assistance will be considered for registration fees only.
    • For overseas conferences, financial assistance will be considered for the following:
      • Return airfare by the most economical and direct route (A quotation must be obtained through Price Breaker)
      • Registration fee
      • Hotel accommodation
      • Subsistence allowance (at 20% of daily subsistence allowance payable for the country concerned)

Please refer here for the terms and conditions of the RNA Biology Conference Allowance.


  • The Ph.D project must be RNA Biology focused
  • Award is renewable, subject to satisfactory academic performance
  • Successful applicants are required to sign a letter of undertaking agreeing to observe the terms and conditions for the award of the Scholarship. A copy of the current terms and conditions can be accessed here.

PhD Supervisors

  • PhD supervisor has to be a CSI faculty and PIs of the RNA Biology programme
  • Refer to the RNA Supervisor List, Please CLICK HERE for the list of eligible supervisors.