Thesis Advisory Committee

The Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) should preferably be formed within 2 months after the nomination of supervisor for PhD candidates.

Members of this Committee will be appointed by the Chair of the CSI Graduate Program Academic Committee (GPAC). TAC Members need not be restricted only to staff members of CSI. Staff members and investigators from national Research Institutes/Centers and other faculties within NUS may be included.

Composition of the TAC

Supervisor + 2 Members

At most, one co-supervisor can be a member of the TAC. The other must not be involved with supervision of the student.

Roles of the TAC

The TAC is responsible for monitoring the student’s research progress. The Supervisor and Co-Supervisor(s) will continue to be responsible for completing the biannual progress report that is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The TAC will keep its own report and submit a copy to the GPAC.

  1. The TAC members will select a Chairman among themselves. The Chairman should not be the Supervisor or Co-Supervisor. It is the responsibility of the Chairman to chair all meetings of the TAC and communicate decisions of the TAC to the GPAC.
  2. The Supervisor is responsible for calling the meetings of the TAC with the Student every 6 months in December and June of every year. The outcome of these meetings can be incorporated into the student’s 6-monthly progress reports in January and July of every year. At least 2 of the TAC Members must be present at each meeting with the student.
  3. Before the meeting, the Student will submit a report to the TAC. The first report should have an introduction with the aims of the project, proposed methodology and any preliminary results that are available. Subsequent reports should include a summary of results obtained and any new results since the last report with a discussion on the significance of the new results. If there are no significant results, the TAC can require the student to give an oral presentation of the work done over the past 6/12 months and discuss future plans. These presentations can be specially arranged or can be a regular departmental/research group seminar at which the TAC is present.
  4. At the end of the meeting, the TAC will make recommendations for further work where appropriate.
  5. If the work done is deemed sufficient for a thesis, it is the responsibility of the Supervisor to make sure that the thesis is written up satisfactorily.
  6. The TAC will complete a brief report of the meeting for its own reference which is copied to the GPAC.

The supervisor(s) will still be responsible for ensuring that the candidate is eligible for upgrading before putting the candidate up for the PhD Qualifying Examination.