Graduate Program

New batch of PhD students commences exciting new year at CSI


This year the institute admits a new intake of 8 high calibre PhD students into the CSI Graduate Program in Cancer Biology, especially welcoming 5 members hailing from various parts of the world including China, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The group is joined by two attached PhD students from other NUS departments such as the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLLSoM) and NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS).

These students will undergo graduate training for 5 years under the mentorship of a CSI PI, who will provide supervision and guidance as they progress along their research. Lab rotations, an integral part of a new student’s experience in the program, offer opportunities to better understand the research fields of their selected mentors. This allows not just the selection of a supervisor most suitable for their studies, but a window into exploring other new research fields.

Patrick Jaynes, a new PhD student, has found the program to be very attractive. “The rotation policy in the program has enabled me to become familiar with various scientific techniques, and also help facilitate the development of long-lasting relationships with other scientists. It has also been a privilege and great learning experience to have access to cancer-related seminars covering a broad array of topics, from the molecular biology of cancer to those with a more clinical slant.”

The CSI Graduate Program is a specially tailored program aimed at training the next generation of bright scientists in the rapid-developing biomedical field, with its first cohort of students graduating in 2015.