Leave Matters

Vacation Leave

Vacation leave application is available online at myISIS.

  • A research scholar is eligible for paid vacation leave of 21 working days per calendar year for the duration of the research scholarship. Depending on the start date and end date of the research scholarship, the leave entitlement for the year will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • There will not be additional leave granted for periods of research scholarship extension. However, any unconsumed leave may be taken up to the end of the extended period of the scholarship or the end of the year of the original scholarship end date, whichever is earlier.
  • The scholar should give his/her leave approver sufficient time (two weeks) to approve his/her application. S/he should go for the leave only after the application has been approved
  • Vacation leave excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Students are not entitled to half-day leave application.
  • Vacation leave cannot be taken during periods of scholarship suspension.
  • Vacation leave must be earned in that calendar year before it can be taken. Unutilized leave in any one year will not be carried forward to the next year. There will be no encashment of any unutilized leave.
  • Medical leave which falls within the applied vacation leave period will not be considered.
  • When the research scholarship is terminated, the leave entitlement will be pro-rated according to the termination date. If excess vacation leave had been taken, the scholarship stipend will be deducted accordingly. Vacation leave not utilized prior to the scholarship termination date will lapse and there will be no payment of stipend in lieu thereof.
  • Students who are undertaking trial projects and have not formally registered as research scholars will not be entitled for holiday leave.

Conference Leave

  • A research scholar is granted a maximum of 14 days’ leave in an academic year to attend conference(s) which must be related to his/her research area.
  • A maximum of 1 day before or 1 day after the conference may be granted for travelling purpose.
  • A copy of the conference programme and proof of payment for registration fee must be attached with the leave application.
  • Students are required to apply for conference leave independently of the application for financial assistance for conference.

(Please obtain the application form here.)

Leave of Absence (unpaid)

  • Leave of absence is inclusive of Sundays and public holidays.
  • All vacation leave balance must be fully utilized before applying for leave of absence; unless CSI Singapore decides otherwise.
  • Maternity leave is considered as leave of absence.
  • Refer to http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/adminpolicy/loa.html for more information about Leave of Absence.
  • Applications for Leave of Absence are to be submitted via the online Leave of Absence System at myISIS.


  1. Medical Leave
    Paid medical leave is granted up to 30 days per calendar year for out-patient and 60 days per calendar year if hospitalisation is required. Please submit applications via the Leave of Absence online system at myISIS. Valid supporting medical certificates or letter must be submitted with the application.
  2. Compassionate Leave
    Each research scholar can be granted a maximum of five consecutive days per demise of an immediate family member (including spouse, child, parent, grandparent, brother/sister, parent-in-law and son/daughter-in-law). Please submit applications via the Leave of Absence online system at myISIS. There is no separate category for compassionate leave.
  3. Marriage Leave
    There is no separate category for marriage leave. Students have to use their own leave for this purpose. To be applied under Leave of Absence with supporting documents attached.
  4. Reservist Training
    Paid leave will be granted unless the CSI decides otherwise; a copy of the notice must be attached with the leave application. Please submit applications via the Leave of Absence online system at myISIS. A copy of the notice must be submitted with the application. Those who are required to serve the balance of the NS liability period will not be given paid leave

Exemptions and Revisions

  • The University may revise this Scheme from time to time in its absolute discretion.
  • The University shall be entitled to make and issue additional guidelines with respect to this Scheme from time to time and to revise or amend such guidelines as it deems fit. All such guidelines shall be deemed to be part of the Scheme.