Graduate Program

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! After years of hard work and late nights, CSI Singapore is proud to see our 2nd batch of PhD students graduate. On 8 Jul 2016, the Class of 2016 attended our Graduation Tea Party before their commencement ceremony to mark the end of their PhD journey in CSI Singapore.

The Class of 2016 PhD Graduate Program in Cancer Biology Scholarship underwent a rigorous and holistic post-graduate education in cancer science ranging from basic mechanistic studies to experimental therapeutics.


Grad Tea Photo
Not Present in Photo: Sylvia Mahara, Wang Tingting, Yang Fan and Zhou Yafeng

Moving forward, these newly minted Drs. will be taking up fellowship positions in Singapore or abroad. Particularly, both Dr Sylvia Mahara and Dr Desmond Chin will be going abroad as their next step in their science careers with Dr Chin securing a Fellowship in Karolinska Institutet.

“I would like to express my gratitude to CSI Singapore and to people who have rendered their help. CSI Singapore has been my home in Singapore for the past 5 years. After graduation, the most important thing for me is to publish my research findings and continue to achieve new scientific discoveries.”

– Lu Ang, PhD Graduate from Prof Fu Xin Yuan’s group

“What impressed me most is the exemplary power of mentor/supervisor. I was trained in Prof Phillip Koeffler’s lab, studying the genomic abnormalities in cancer. Prof Koeffler always provides me insightful suggestions and strong supports towards my study. His passion and attitude towards science had greatly reformed my understanding of how science can be a career and how a great mentor can nurture the scientific maturity.”

– Xu Liang, PhD Graduate from Prof H. Phillip Koeffler’s group