Graduate Program

CSI Student Hosts Speaker from FCS 2016

Azad Saei, CSI PhD student from Dr Pieter Eichhorn’s group, attended Frontiers in Cancer Science (FCS) 2016 and he was honoured to host one of the speakers, Professor Jean-Christophe Marine from VIB-KU Leuven, Belgium for dinner.

Azad believes that the development of scientific community and sharing knowledge among each other is a critical aspect of contributing to the formation of a more informed world. This year, FCS 2016 presented the opportunity for scientists from around the world to join and share their views and experiences with young researchers. It is hoped that interactions between scientists will generate discussions on the complexities and mysteries of cancer science. Experts in the field of cancer science from all over the world congregated during FCS 2016 and shared their scientific work on different aspects of cancer biology from the role of tumour suppressors to oncogenes, metabolomics and more.

On the evening of the first day of FCS 2016, Azad, together with his friends Nishi and Chi, hosted Prof Marine to a dinner at Clarke Quay and a tour around Gardens by the Bay. During this trip, Prof Marine shared about his experience in science and his lab. He particularly underlined the role of principal investigator and their challenges and successes in his projects with other partners and collaborators. Azad and friends also had the chance to explain their projects and their motivations in pursuing cancer science.

This interaction left Azad with the realization of the demand of hard work and huge responsibilities that a head of a cancer biology and principal investigator at a famous institute has. It was a convivial moment that will leave an indelible memory for them. They would like to thank CSI and organizers of FCS for providing them with such a great opportunity where they can interact and discuss science with outstanding scientists in a friendly environment.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something which you don’t”
– Bill Nye



A photo taken at Gardens by the Bay
(From left to right: Nishi, Chi, Azad and Prof Marine)