Journal Clubs

Bioinformatics Club

The Bioinformatics Club in CSI Singapore is a journal club that has been recently set up to bring together people with expertise in both cancer research and experimental biology. This club provides a relax atmosphere to facilitate the discussion of the latest advancements in the analysis of genomic data and the practical recommendations on the experimental setup to facilitate posterior analysis.

The club takes place monthly, in the second week of the month. During the second club meeting on 11 October, Roberto Tirado Magallanes, PhD student from Dr Touati Benoukraf’s group, discussed the functional role of DNA methylation. In addition, he described the advantages and limitations of the current methodologies used for its study, recommendations on the data analysis and the exciting new technologies in the field of DNA methylation.

The club meeting is mostly attended by students and staff from CSI Singapore, however, everyone who is interested in bioinformatics, regardless of experience level, is welcomed to join!