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Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness Month – October

BL Month 3


The month of October is Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness Month! This month is dedicated to raising awareness for Breast and Liver Cancers and aims to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Some facts about Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer.


  • The incidence of breast cancer in Asia is rising rapidly and may surpass that of Western countries over the next decade.
  • In Singapore, breast cancer has been the leading cause of cancer death among Singaporean women for the last 30 years.
  • Breast cancer can be detected with regular self-examination supplemented with mammograms.
  • CSI Singapore has also, with the support of Philips, set up the world’s first university based breast cancer cell bank. It facilitates the study of the genetic diversity of breast cancer subtypes with the ultimate goal of developing novel therapeutics.

At CSI Singapore, our team of scientists working on Breast Cancer aims to:

1)   Discover the key molecular events responsible for tumour resistance to therapies

2)   Improve existing approved therapies and/or develop new inhibitory agents

3)   Examine the genomic changes that occur at patient’s diagnosis, remission and relapse to understand the full scope of genomic changes that occur in metastatic breast cancer

Currently, our researchers are involved in analysing the biological underpinnings to patients’ resistance to therapies and furthering our investigations on the mutations on the RARA gene to gain insights into the cause of breast tumours.



  • The liver is the largest gland in the body and performs many vital functions; a person cannot survive without a liver.
  • Liver cancer is more common in East Asian and African countries and often linked to hepatitis infection (A, B, and C), aflatoxin B intake, alcohol abuse, or metabolism disorder.
  • There is often no sign or symptom until the disease has progressed to an advanced stage.
  • Liver cancer can be detected with a simple blood test for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP).

The Liver Cancer Group at CSI, comprising of Principal Investigators studying on Liver Cancer, aims to:

1)   Decipher the basic developmental mechanisms that control liver cell differentiation and function

2)   Identify useful targets for early diagnosis and develop cancer therapeutics, ultimately making a difference in the lives of patients with liver failure or liver cancers

One of the research teams at CSI focuses on the use of Nanodiamond-based method for drug delivery and understanding of the molecular mechanisms during liver differentiation and development.


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