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Chromatin Remodeling Group Club

The Chromatin Remodeling Group (CRG) Club is a monthly meeting where students and Research Fellows interact and discuss about their ongoing research related to chromatin remodeling. Previously known as “HAT-chat”, the club held its first meeting in April 2012. When it first started, only members from Dr. Sudhakar Jha’s and Prof. Daniel G. Tenen’s laboratory groups participated in the discussion to brainstorm the role of histone acetyltransferases such as TIP60 and GCN5 in regulating chromatin organization. Over time, the club welcomed participation from other labs, like Prof. Xin-Yuan Fu, A/Prof. Ernesto Guccione and Dr. Melissa Jane Fullwood. With this, the club evolved into the present “CRG Club”.

The past two meetings focused on understanding the role of TIP60, a histone acetyltransferase in cancer and differentiation. Deepa Rajagopalan from Dr. Jha’s group discussed how and why viruses target TIP60 and Dr. Akihiko Numata from Prof Tenen’s group discussed TIP60’s role in hematopoiesis.

These meetings have been particularly helpful for the staff and students as they facilitate hypothesis formulation as they gather feedback during the discussion. It has also paved the way for establishing project collaborations between different groups within CRG Club.