Graduate Program

CSI Welcomes New Graduate Students

CSI Singapore warmly welcomes our newly admitted graduate students on 1st August 2016. Our Academic Year 2016/2017 batch of 18 students are a good mix of international backgrounds as they come from Singapore, Mexico, Vietnam, India and Korea. This cultural diversity of our graduate programme fosters and encourages a global exchange of ideas.

During the Welcome Tea that was organized to for the new batch of students, they were introduced to the Principal Investigators, who were each leading a laboratory group. There was also a poster session conducted by final year PhD students and research staff. It was informative and instrumental in helping the new students select their choice of lab rotations, which are compulsory during their training in CSI Singapore. These rotations give students greater exposure to different research fields, as well as facilitate students to select a suitable supervisor who will provide mentorship for the 5 years of their graduate studies.

In addition to welcoming our new students, the Welcome Tea also marks the start of an exciting journey in Scientific Research and Discoveries. We wish the students a fruitful 5 years as they pursue their PhD in CSI Singapore.

IMG_2170 edited

A group photo of our new students with our Director, Prof Dan Tenen.

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A student engaging in a discussion with the Chair of the Graduate Program, Prof Peter Lobie.