Journal Clubs

Genomic Instability Club

The Genomic Instability (GI) Club was started in 2013, with the focus of identifying groups interested in discovering factors that maintain our genome and how mutations or misregulations in their expressions would lead to cancer. Meeting once every quarter, the club discusses factors involved in regulating the stability of our genome.

The meeting is actively participated by Dr. Sudhakar Jha’s group, Prof. Yoshiaki Ito’s group and Dr Anand D. Jayasekharan’s group. Outside of CSI, other laboratory groups who attended the Club meetings include A/Prof. Lih-Wen Deng’s group from the Department of Biochemistry in NUS, and A/Prof. Karen Crasta’s group from NTU. During the meeting, they discuss the latest published papers, their takeaways from their recent attendance at the conference and present research updates.

In 2016, Zhao Wei, PhD student from Dr Deng’s group shared data of his investigation in the role of MLL5 in centrosome regulation and the maintenance of spindle bipolarity. Dr Upadhyayula Sai Srinivas, a research fellow from Dr Jayasekharan’s group discussed the role of nucleoside analogues in colorectal cancer treatment.

These meetings have established cross institutional collaborations and exchange of ideas.