Graduate Program

CSI Singapore Welcomes our New Graduate Students in RNA Biology!

New year, new semester – In January 2018, CSI warmly welcomed four new PhD students who joined our graduate program in RNA Biology. The PhD program, offered by the RNA Biology Center (RBC) at CSI Singapore, supports graduate students working in the field of RNA Biology and cancer. These students will undergo a rigorous five-year academic and research program, trained by RBC’s investigators, based on their areas of interest.

A welcome lunch session was organized before the start of semester to familiarize the students with the program, as well as to provide them an opportunity to meet and interact with investigators and post-docs from the RBC. Over a sumptuous local lunch, the investigators explained to them the various RNA biology projects underway at CSI Singapore.

The welcome lunch will mark the start of their exciting journey of research and discovery in RNA Biology. We wish the students a fruitful five years ahead in the pursuit of their PhD at CSI Singapore!

Find out more about our graduate program here. Applications close on 16 Feb 2018!