Journal Clubs

Inaugural BOCA Pow-wow Meeting in 2016

The BOCA (Breast and Ovarian Cancers) Pow-wow sessions is among the many journal clubs that CSI Singapore organizes. It started in 2015 with the objective of promoting knowledge and camaraderie among the staff and students working on breast and ovarian cancers. The aim is to consolidate the vast array of experience from different individuals working on breast and ovarian cancers, to advance research in CSI. It also gives staff and students alike, the experience of presenting their data in front of a large audience.

The BOCA Pow-wow is attended by members from various labs working on breast and ovarian cancers, including the labs of Prof. Peter Lobie, Dr. Ruby Huang, Dr. Alan Prem Kumar, Dr. Lee Soo Chin and Dr. Pieter Eichhorn.

To kick off our second year of BOCA Pow-wow, we had two wonderful talks, one by Serena Seah (Dr. Lee’s group) and another by Cai Wanpei (Dr. Kumar’s group), identifying novel biomarkers in triple negative breast cancers, a subtype of breast cancer with very few treatment options.

Dr. Seah presented work investigating the antiproliferative effects of statins and cholesterol biosynthesis via the mevalonate pathway in triple negative breast cancer. Her work indicates that higher cholesterol levels in triple negative breast cancer may open up a new avenue of targeted inhibition by statins in triple negative breast cancer patients.

Ms. Cai’s work focused on the role of the DEAD-box RNA helicase DP103 in the Wnt/B-catenin pathway. Her results demonstrated a key role for enhanced expression of DP103 results in increased WNT/B-catenin activity in triple negative breast cancer.

We invite all researchers and clinicians who wish to engage in an intriguing discussion on the translational aspects of breast and ovarian cancer treatment to join us in the subsequent meetings.