JSPS-NUS Joint Symposium 2016

Proudly organized by CSI Singapore and Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), the JSPS–NUS Joint Symposium 2016 is a joint scientific symposium themed ‘New Horizons in Normal and Cancer Stem Cell Research’, with prominent scientists in the area of cancer stem cell research from Japan, Germany and Singapore sharing about their research and novel discoveries.

Held on 14 and 15 January 2016, the JSPS–NUS Joint Symposium was held in conjunction with the SJ50 project, which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations. The SJ50 is a project that has been endorsed by the Embassy of Japan in Singapore.

We had the honor of inviting His Excellency Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi, the Ambassador of Japan in Singapore, as the Guest-of-Honor for the symposium where he delivered a congratulatory address.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore. Projects bearing the SJ50 logo meet the purpose of promoting the mutual understanding and the exchange between two countries. His Excellency Ambassador hopes that this symposium fosters exchange of scientific ideas and facilitate collaborations in stem cell research between Singapore and Japanese scientists.

In addition to strengthening collaboration between Japanese and Singaporean scientists, this symposium aims to educate junior scientists and doctors on exciting new areas of stem cell research and applications in cancer.

This symposium was well-received by 210 participants who registered and attended the talk.

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His Excellency Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi giving a speech.

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A photo of His Excellency Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi, our Director and Symposium Organizers. From left to right: Dr Takaomi Sanda, Professor Toshio Suda, Professor Chng Wee Joo, His Excellency Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi, Professor Daniel Tenen (Director) and Professor Yoshiaki Ito.