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RNA Club

The RNA Club, previously known as the transcription club, was formed in January 2014 to discuss well established topics of transcriptional regulation. With the acceptance of MOE Tier 3 grant and the formation of RNA Biology Centre in June 2015, the transcription club was renamed as RNA Club with a focus on RNA Biology and human diseases.

RNA Club hopes to bring all RNA researchers in Singapore together to enable fruitful discussions and collaborations.

Since June 2015, the club has had a distinguished list of external speakers. The list of speakers includes Dr. Hu Qidong from the Department of Anatomy, NUS, working on PIWI and associated RNAs in modulating microglial activation, Dr. Marcel Dinger from the Gavarn Institute, Australia, talking about Ultra High-Resolution Expression Profiling of Long Noncoding RNAs, Dr. Volker Patzel from the Department of Microbiology, NUS, working on computational design of functional RNA molecules and delivery using dumbbell-shaped DNA Minimal Vectors, and many more other speakers.

The RNA Club attempts to bring the freshest, most cutting edge stories to elevate and transform RNA research in CSI and Singapore into a leading area of research. The audience is currently comprised mainly of CSI students and staff, but the club is open to all and tries to attract as many as non-CSI attendees as possible. Everyone is invited to the meetings!