Graduate Program

Success at NCAM 2016

Leong Wei Zhong, a PhD student from Dr Takaomi Sanda’s lab, was selected to present his scientific research findings at the 3rd NCIS Annual Research Meeting (NCAM 2016), which is jointly organised by Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS).

He felt a sense of satisfaction as he shared the important observations which potentially provide new perspectives and insights. Though it was his first time presenting at a conference, Wei Zhong did well and clinched the Best Oral Presentation Award

The interest garnered from the judging panels and audiences provided ample discussions which helped sharpened his research direction and spurred him forward in his research journey. This interest also made Wei Zhong realised that all the hard work and effort that he had put into his research was worthwhile.

Overall, Wei Zhong felt that these meetings enable investigators, associates as well as students to showcase their work and at the same time educate the scientific community. He thinks that it was a fulfilling experience and he would encourage fellow and future PhD students to make full use these opportunity and platforms provided by CSI Singapore to challenge and improve.