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The 5th Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit: A Clinical Conference from the Perspective of a Fledgling Scientist

Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit

Patrick Jaynes, a PhD student from Dr Pieter Eichhorn’s group recently attended the 5th Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit. This summit was held in Singapore from 26 to 28 February 2016 and it aims to bring together international and regional faculty experts in breast cancer to cover surgical, radiation and medical oncology related topics on early and advanced breast cancer management.

The 5th Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit, held at the Shangri-La Hotel, is the first physician-centric conference that Patrick has attended. At the conference, speakers shared about the outcomes of past clinical drug trials that were relevant to breast cancer, as well as preliminary findings from ongoing trials. In addition, research scientists were invited to share and reflect on a concerted effort to bring the clinics and the labs closer.

One of the features of the conference which he found to be intriguing was the panelist sessions, where patient case studies were discussed and experts shared about how they would go about treating the patients based on their past experiences.

After attending this Summit, he highly recommends other basic scientists to attend clinical conferences, whenever possible. This will allow scientists to gain a fresh perspective to their research, with the importance of effective cancer treatment for patients in mind. At the Summit, he has learnt to appreciate how ideas from the labs can translate to the clinics, and how effective they are.

As a scientist, he realized the need to constantly reinvent and innovate in order for clinicians to go forward in their treatment, which reaffirms that the symbiotic relationship between the scientists and clinicians must be continuously strengthened.