Core Facilities & Support Technologies

Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Facility

Motomi OSATO

The FACS facility provides flow cytometry equipment rental and sample preparation advice. Operator-assisted cell sorting service is available on our Becton Dickinson FACSAria II.

Leukemia Cell Bank

Allen YEOH

The Leukemia Cell Bank provides a well characterized tissue bank of leukemia samples for researchers and will house adult and childhood leukemia samples which will have important clinical information including standard morphology, immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular studies.

Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility

Motomi OSATO

The Transgenic & Gene targeting facility located in the CeLS is the state-of-the-art facility in NUS.

Xenograft Cancer Models Facility

CHAN Shing Leng

The Xenograft Assay Facility is a research core that maintains strains of immunocompromised mice for xenograft experiments.

Henry_YANG_bw Bioinformatics Core

Henry YANG

The Bioinformatics Group at CSI is working on analysis, interpretation,integration of large-scale genomic data generated particularly from hybridization-based microarrays and next-generation sequencers.

Drug Analysis and Pharmacokinetics Core (DAPC)

GOH Boon Cher

In order to accelerate anti-cancer drug development, the DAPC is jointly launched by the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI) and National University Cancer Institute of Singapore (NCIS) on August 1, 2013.

Computational Core Facility (CCF)


The Computational Core Facility (CCF) is set up to manage the rapidly expanding scientific and administrative computational resources and requirements at CSI. There is a need to effectively cope with modern laboratory technologies for genome analysis, which generate huge amounts of data, as well as data security when analysing confidential patient data for many of our national and international scientific projects and collaborations.

Microscope Core Facility (MCF)


The Light Microscopy Facility in CSI is equipped with a variety of microscopes to support the research requirements of the institute. The facility spans across the entire three levels of CSI and contains several imaging systems with different designs and configurations to meet variable research application requirements.

Quantitative Proteomics Core (QPC)


The Quantitative Proteomics Core at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore offers a complete package for proteomics applications all the way from help with experimental design over sample preparation and mass spectrometry measurement to initial data analysis and data storage.

RNA Epigenomics Program

Melissa FULLWOOD and Henry YANG

The RNA Epigenomics Program, headed by Melissa FULLWOOD and Henry YANG, seeks to build a resource of RNA and epigenomics profiles from normal CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells and acute myeloid leukemia clinical samples using next-generation sequencing technologies.