Bioinformatics Core

Facility Head:

A/Prof Henry YANG,

CSI Singapore
Email: csiyangh[at]


The Bioinformatics Group at CSI is working on

  • analysis
  • interpretation
  • integration

of large-scale genomic data generated particularly from hybridization-based microarrays and next-generation sequencers. We handle diverse genomic data such as

  • 3’UTR microarrays for gene expression
  • SNP chips for copy number variation
  • DNA-seq for SNPs, point mutations and structural variation
  • ChIP-seq for protein-DNA binding and epigenomics study
  • RNA-seq for differential expression, splicing variants, RNA-editing and gene fusion

The group works closely with biologists and clinical scientists on development of sophisticated analysis/interpretation/integration methods and pipelines. Our research activities also include downstream bioinformatics analysis such as

  • Motif finding
  • Cofactor identification
  • GO term enrichment analysis
  • Pathway enrichment analysis
  • Gene set enrichment analysis

We will also provide bioinformatics training and support services to biomedical/biological researchers.

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