Computational Core Facility (CCF)

Facility Head:


CSI Singapore
Email: benoukraf[at]

The Computational Core Facility (CCF) is set up to manage the rapidly expanding scientific and administrative computational resources and requirements at CSI. There is a need to effectively cope with modern laboratory technologies for genome analysis, which generate huge amounts of data, as well as data security when analysing confidential patient data for many of our national and international scientific projects and collaborations.

The main goals of CCF are:

  • To optimize the use of information technology at CSI.
  • To advise staff in selecting IT tools for their specific needs in a general context.
  • To implement and operate centralized IT services.
  • To support the planning and operation of single team solutions.

CCF is made up of six functions:

The User Support Unit deals with all matters related to the desktop environment, e.g. laptops, MacOS, Windows, Linux, printing services, and users’ backup system (documents such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pictures, etc.). This unit also maintains the staff infrastructure (desktops and laptops only).

The Software Systems Unit provides central IT software infrastructure for both client and server sides, e.g. central services such as user administration, software distribution, license monitoring, rights and resources management on file server, database servers, web servers, document management and the electronic laboratory notebook.

The Databases Unit is responsible for database development and support for all in-house departments. In addition, it provides technical support for CSI’s Internet and Intranet presentations as well as survey tools and cooperation platforms.

The Networks Unit takes care of the physical data network, Internet connections, dedicated connections to partners, and security services.

The Scientific Servers Unit maintains the CSI servers and provides assistance for using remote access server at NUS ComCen and access to the Amazon Cloud. The Scientific Servers Unit will work in consultation with the main CSI’s Bioinformaticians.

The Communication Unit maintains and updates the CSI’s website, and interacts with the CSI’s website contractor for any substantial modifications. Moreover, it manages the CSI’s online tools such as the booking and file sharing systems.