Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Facility

Facility Head:

Motomi OSATO

CSI Singapore

The Facility currently operates 2 Becton-Dickinson FACSAria II for cell sorting and analysis. These machines have 3 or 5 air-cooled lasers and are capable of performing 9 – 12 colour flow cytometry analyses, 2- and 4-way bulk sorting to tubes, and single-cell sorting to well plates (ranging from 6 to 96 wells) or microscope slides. The sorts can be done in aseptic conditions and the cells are suitable for culture. In addition, the Facility runs 1 Becton-Dickinson LSRII for analysis with 5 lasers so that users can perform 10-colour analyses. The acquisition of another FACS analyzer is also being considered to meet the increasing demand of users.

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