Disease Groups


Prof Patrick TAN
The Gastric Cancer Group in CSI Singapore is a part of the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium (SGCC), a local organization of gastric cancer researchers that aims to improve early diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer through a deeper understanding of the biology of gastric cancer development.


Prof CHNG Wee Joo
The Hematologic Malignancies Group within CSI Singapore comprises investigators working on different aspects of leukemia biology to further identify potential therapeutic strategies in a disease where treatment advancement has been lagging.


Dr Ross SOO
Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide. Despite the decline of smoking-related lung cancers, the incidence of lung cancer remains high. Epidemiology data now shows an emerging trend of increasing incidence of pulmonary adenocarcinomas – a disease seen predominantly in non-smokers and women.


Prof Teh Bin Tean
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a challenging medical problem worldwide especially in China and Asia, and the only FDA-approved drug (sorafenib) for advanced stage HCC management is an expensive and a marginal therapy.


Prof Peter LOBIE
The Breast Cancer Group comprises a number of investigators within CSI Singapore with particular yet diverse interests in aspects of breast cancer biology affecting disease outcome.