Breast Cancer

Group Leader:

Prof Peter LOBIE

Senior Principal Investigator,
CSI Singapore

The Breast Cancer Group comprises a number of investigators within CSI Singapore with particular yet diverse interests in aspects of breast cancer biology affecting disease outcome. The current aims of the grouping include; (1) Delineation of key signal transduction pathways and interactions responsible for maintaining a state of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) producing resistance to therapeutics and a propensity of cancer cells to self renew and disseminate; (2) Identification and development of paradigms to utilize existing approved therapeutics, or develop novel inhibitory agents, to a number of existing and novel pathways involved in maintaining EMT, breast cancer metastasis and growth of metastases and (3) Examination of the genomic changes that occur at patient diagnosis, remission and relapse to understand the full scope of genomic changes that occur in metastatic breast cancer. The group’s aim is to translate clinically relevant research to improve the outcome of patients with breast cancer.