Gastric Cancer

Group Leader:

Prof Patrick TAN

Senior Principal Investigator,
CSI Singapore

The Gastric Cancer Group in CSI Singapore is a part of the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium (SGCC), a local organization of gastric cancer researchers that aims to improve early diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer through a deeper understanding of the biology of gastric cancer development. At CSI Singapore, the ongoing study of gastric cancer xenograft in immuno-compromised mice will be expanded to identify and characterize potential cancer stem cell biomarkers. This is based on the successful efforts in the in vivo propagation of xenografts and the identification of cancer stem cell-like cell population in a mouse model. This approach will be buttressed by further characterization of potential cancer stem cells through genomic analysis of the xenografts, particularly at single cell level. Well characterized xenografts will be used for anti-tumour drug screening and following the completion of whole genome sequencing of more than 20 human gastric cancer specimens, a list of candidate gastric cancer genes are now available. A validation and characterization of cancer driver genes will be conducted to broaden understanding of the molecular basis of gastric cancer.