RNA Biology Center

Program Leader:

Prof Daniel G. TENEN,

CSI Singapore

Program Members:

Touati Benoukraf
Polly Leilei Chen
Wee Joo Chng
Melissa Jane Fullwood
Ernesto Guccione

Sudhakar Jha
Dennis Kappei
H. Phillip Koeffler
Motomi Osato
Takaomi Sanda
Soong Tuck Wah
Yvonne Tay
Henry Yang
Jobichen Chacko
Julia Claire Kenyon
Sun Lei
Andrew Lever
Vinay Tergaonkar
Gene Yeo

Recent years have seen an explosion in the exploration and understanding of RNA biology processes, but the cross-talk between RNA classes and processes is not well defined, both in normal human cells and in disease, such as cancer. The RNA Biology Center (RBC) has set itself the goal of studying exactly that.

The RBC is comprised of a team of internationally recognized investigators with cross-disciplinary expertise conducting a unique type of inter-related research, which includes the study of:

  • Non-classical RNAs
  • RNA Editing/Modification
  • RNA splicing
  • RNA in disease
  • Crosstalk between RNA classes and processes

While the main aim of this ‘RNA consortium’ is to understand these fundamental aspects of RNA regulation, its long-term goal is to develop novel RNA-based biomarkers and therapies.

Our main focus is on the human hematopoiesis as a common model system, including haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) self-renewal and differentiation, and its cancer equivalent, leukemia, with emphasis on acute myeloid leukemia; however, the important insights gained into these fundamental mechanisms of gene regulation can also be broadly applicable to other normal processes, cancers and other diseases.

Under this Center we also support additional research through an annual seed competitive funding which encourages collaboration with Investigators from different institutions throughout Singapore.