RNA Epigenomics Program

The RNA Epigenomics Program, headed by Melissa FULLWOOD and Henry YANG, seeks to build a resource of RNA and epigenomics profiles from normal CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells and acute myeloid leukemia clinical samples using next-generation sequencing technologies. In particular, we are interested in novel datasets such as polyA- RNA-Sequencing, to uncover novel types of RNA that are important for haematopoiesis and the formation of leukemia.

These datasets will be instrumental in uncovering cross-talk between RNA species and with other cellular phenomena such as epigenetics. These datasets will also be used by members of the RNA Biology Center in order to promote collaboration within the center and other institutes. These results will be important for the development of novel biomarkers, RNA-based therapeutics and precision medicine.

If you have enquiries, please contact us at csi_rnaepigenomics[at]nus.edu.sg