Competitive Seed Funding

[Application for the 2017 Seed Funding Cycle is CLOSED.]

The RBC engages in a yearly exercise calling for application for Competitive Seed Funding. The purpose of this funding program is to provide resources for research on RNA biology in human hematopoiesis and its cancer equivalent leukemia with emphasis on acute myeloid leukemia.

In order to foster the multidisciplinary nature of this program, we encourage you to consider collaboration with Principal Investigators from the MOE Tier 3 RNA Biology grant (list can be found at the end of the document). Nevertheless, projects which are not directly collaborative are also welcome, and all proposals will be evaluated primarily on the basis of their individual scientific strength. Priority will be given for new research ideas that are not being funded on existing grants.

The RBC grant provides seed funding with a funding quantum capped at S$300,000 direct cost per year per project. This grant does not carry indirects. The initial funding for each project is for one year, but can be extended up to a maximum of two years. Decisions regarding the appropriate level of funding for any project will be made by the review committee.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the RNA Biology Center Grant must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Full-time NUS or NTU academic staff (Asst. Prof / Assoc. Prof / Prof) or equivalent (i.e., an A*STAR institute or a hospital based investigator)
  • Each PI may submit up to two projects per grant call.

Acceptance Criteria

  • In case of award granting, non-CSI PIs will be offered, and must accept, a membership at the CSI, NUS.
  • For non-CSI PIs, grant accounts will have to be opened only at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore.
  • Any publications arising from this grant funding will have to cite acknowledgement as follows:

“This research is supported by the RNA Biology Center at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS, as part of funding under the Singapore Ministry of Education’s AcRF Tier 3 grants, Grant number MOE2014-T3-1-006” 

Application and Submission

[Application for the 2017 Seed Funding Cycle is CLOSED.]

  • We are now accepting applications for the 2017 seed funding cycle.
  • All applications should include the following documents:
    • Application form
    • Project write-up- detailed instructions can be found in the application form (no more than 3 pages, Arial, font size 11, 0.5 inch margins)
    • CV
  • Lead PI/ Faculty is responsible for the completeness of the proposal submission to CSI.
  • Only proposals properly completed with relevant supporting documents attached will be accepted for evaluation and assessment for awarding of grants.
  • For more questions please email csibox10[at] .